Thursday, 12 April 2012

In Memory of My Dad

My Dad . Photo taken by my Nephew on his cellphone not to long ago

I haven't been blogging much lately because my Dad was sick. He passed peacefully away on April 5th he was 88 years old on March 24th.

My Dad was a great Husband, Father, Grandfather and Brother. Never a bad word said about anyone and very generous with his love. 

As a young child my Dad always had time to give me a cuddle ........... I remember getting up in his arms even when he had company.

Dad had a great sense of humour he always had a joke even though some were groaners and he would love to hear a joke.

He was a humble man. I asked him when he was in hospital what year he got his degrees in. He told me he got his B.Sc. from Dalhousie University in 1950, his M.Sc from University of Toronto in 1956 and I then asked what year he got his Phd and he said he could not remember (figured it out that he got it in 1978). He never wanted to be called Dr. Pitt. The only time he would ever use it was if he had to write a letter that required some attention. like a letter to a company that did something wrong!

At his Celebration of Life my Dad's brother (who is 90) talked about their childhood and what a wonderful brother he was. It was wonderful we laughed and remembered Dad as young boy getting into all kinds of trouble.

I will miss him greatly but my memories and his love will always be with me.  
Dad is with Michelle, she has her Poppy with her now.

 I Love You Daddy !!


  1. Marg, you look like your Dad!
    Sorry again about your Dad's passing. This post is a wonderful tribute to him.