Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Art Journal Page 2

I finished my Art Journal Page 2.
For this page I first painted the background and I am unsure what colours I used. I next used a stencil by Crafters Workshop Stencil (Flower Piecing) with three colours of Golden Acrylic Heavy Body Paints - Ultramarine Blue, Permanent Green Light and Naphthol Red Light.

I really like the effect I got.

To get more dimension I decided to add another Crafters Workshop Stencil (Fish Scales) using the Golden Acrylic Heavy Body Paints. I used a combination of two colours mixed together Phthalo Green (Blue Shade) and Iridescent Bright Gold (Fine).

For the next step I added a stencil of Angel Wings (not sure of brand name) and a Heart Stencil which I made myself. I used Liquitex Natural Sand Medium mixed with Golden Acrylic Heavy Body Paints colours Iridescent Pearl (Fine) and Ultramarine Blue and used this on the Angel Wings. I then added some Quinacridone Magenta to the mixture to get the colour for the Heart Stencil (it came out a purple colour). I let it almost dry and then I added the word MY into the Heart using the product as glue and added the words MICHELLE and ANGEL to other parts of the page.

To finish the page I added a thin layer of Golden Glass Bead Gel with my finger over areas of the page and let it dry.  Then using my finger again I added some Iridescent Bright Gold (Fine) Golden Acrylic Heavy Body Paints on different spots of the page.

I really enjoyed this page I learned a lot from this.

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