Thursday, 22 November 2012

Nathalei Kalbach Class

For the weekend of November 17 and 18 I went to Bizzy B's Stamp and Scrap in Toronto Ontario 

and did 3  classes with Nathalie Kalbach .................................. a wonderful creative Mixed Media Artist

The second class which was called Season Canvas and the only one I finished was very messy but fun and relaxing to do. 

Nathalie's Fall and Summer Canvas which we used for inspiration. 

Nathalie showing us how to get started with our canvas. Check out the eggs.

The Gals at the class were absolutely wonderful and very creative! Some of their canvases ........................................

I met another Great Vicki. She sat across from me during this class. She is holding her canvas. She is so talented.

This is the Winter Canvas Nathalie made.

This is my Canvas which I eventually called Winter!

Some Candid Pics:
Barb (Bizzy B owner) and Nathalie

Working on our canvases

A Group Picture

I would like to thank Barb and Tony of Bizzy B's Stamp and Scrap for giving me so many wonderful memories and being so kind to me. Tony thanks for lunch! 

Next time I am in Toronto I will make sure I am there to take another class at the Hive so I can spend time with all my new friends. You are all so good and kind.  Thanks for welcoming me with such generosity.

Nathalie what can I say .................................. you were so inspiring , informative and such a great person. I am so lucky to have met you!!!!

If any of you are able to go to a class at Bizzy B GO you will not regret it!

Take Care


  1. Marg- I just see this-! It was absolutely amazing to have you in my class. You are such a sweet and talented person and to meet you was awesome after knowing you online for such a long time :) Huge hugs to you and Happy New Year!!!!! Stay warm in Newfie ;)

  2. It is amazing how over time you will notice your art skills change as a result of taking a class. Glad you enjoyed yourself and learned so much!

  3. Okay, now I'm seeing this post because Nathalie saw it and posted about it on FB and so did Bizzy B! It was great to meet you, Marg, and yes, I do hope you will come back for more classes and we will meet again!