Monday, 29 October 2012


So I have been working on a canvas since July and seem to be stuck on how to finish:-

I painted a 11 x14 inch canvas using Liquitex Basic Acrylic Paint 

I needed to add more dimension so I did the following :-

I still needed to add something more so I added 2 more Crafters Workshop Stencils and some Gel Medium:- 

The blue clouds were added first, then I covered the cloud shapes with Golden Glass Bead Gel Medium. I still didn't like it so I  then stenciled the green butterflies.

Still not liking the canvas so I added:-
A painted brown canvas tree which I had cut out a few years ago. I put the tree on the canvas using Golden Molding Paste tinted with green Golden heavy Body Acrylic Paint and Best Glue Ever. I do like the tree but still needs something more

So my dilemma is I want to do something with the branches. I was trying flowers but not sure of the colours and shape. This is frustrating for me because I usually do not have any trouble.

Does anybody have any suggestions. I really want to get this finished.

Take Care

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