Thursday, 19 July 2012

Great Art Store

Went to the opening of the Urchin Art Material and Papery and I was not disappointed

Shannon Fraser and Me

The owners are young and they have all the products anyone would need. The store is small but it is well organized.
They also have other things like small storing containers, art products for children, and a great range of informative books.
 Here are a couple of pictures.

Pan Pastels

Golden Products

They even have a few Golden Products I do not have. Can not wait to get in there to buy. I truly believe this store will do well there is no other one like it here.

Good Luck Urchin!

Monday, 16 July 2012

12 on July 12th

I am finally posting the 12 pictures that I took on July 12.

1.  Husband Gary making my breakfast. He always likes to make it.
2. My breakfast.
3. Echo out early am
4. My walking shoes. Starting to walk downtown.
5. Britannia Teas my favourite store downtown
6. Stuff bringing to The Paperie.
7. Megan who works at The Paperie.
8. My first rose came out that day.
9. Tidying my products at home.
10. Organizing my fabric.
11. Supper ........... BBQ chicken wings.
12. Sunset from my backyard.

New Art Store Opening

Just a quick note because it has been a week since I last blogged. I have been very busy..............recovering from the weekend before last which I have to sayI have recovered, started going downtown to walk and I have started a few new projects and me being me that is 5 things going at once.

My most exciting news is that the new art store Urchin Art Material and Papery is opening for the public on Friday July 20 and I got a invitation to drop by for their opening party on Thursday. I CAN'T WAIT!!!! 

Hope to have more later today need to meet my good friend for a walk Bye for now!


Monday, 9 July 2012

Hard Weekend

This weekend was hard  for me.  It was 11 years ago Saturday  Michelle died.  I usually do not remember this day or try not to but this year it has seem to have consumed me.  This weekend and I have been feeling not myself.

When you have lost a child apart of you goes with them. You really never get that part back but instead fill it with your memories of that child. So this weekend I looked really hard at those memories and it  hurt this time more than it usually does. After a while I begin to feel better because I remembered how happy those times were and it is those memories that keep me going and enjoying life.

Age 2

I am so thankful to have a husband who is there for me.  He knows exactly how I feel and he let me cry in his arms. It is so weird that for the last 5 years the day has passed without really remembering and this year it came with such a force it surprised me.

I am feeling so much better today. I am HAPPY

I do not mean to be a downer but I just had to put my feelings out there because I do miss Michelle.

Take Care My Darling Daughter. You are Always With Us. Love You......,,,,,Mom & Dad

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Art Journal Page 2

I finished my Art Journal Page 2.
For this page I first painted the background and I am unsure what colours I used. I next used a stencil by Crafters Workshop Stencil (Flower Piecing) with three colours of Golden Acrylic Heavy Body Paints - Ultramarine Blue, Permanent Green Light and Naphthol Red Light.

I really like the effect I got.

To get more dimension I decided to add another Crafters Workshop Stencil (Fish Scales) using the Golden Acrylic Heavy Body Paints. I used a combination of two colours mixed together Phthalo Green (Blue Shade) and Iridescent Bright Gold (Fine).

For the next step I added a stencil of Angel Wings (not sure of brand name) and a Heart Stencil which I made myself. I used Liquitex Natural Sand Medium mixed with Golden Acrylic Heavy Body Paints colours Iridescent Pearl (Fine) and Ultramarine Blue and used this on the Angel Wings. I then added some Quinacridone Magenta to the mixture to get the colour for the Heart Stencil (it came out a purple colour). I let it almost dry and then I added the word MY into the Heart using the product as glue and added the words MICHELLE and ANGEL to other parts of the page.

To finish the page I added a thin layer of Golden Glass Bead Gel with my finger over areas of the page and let it dry.  Then using my finger again I added some Iridescent Bright Gold (Fine) Golden Acrylic Heavy Body Paints on different spots of the page.

I really enjoyed this page I learned a lot from this.

Monday, 2 July 2012

New Way to Use Alcohol Inks

I got the new issue of Cloth Paper Scissors and was so excited to find an interesting article on Alcohol Inks. You use a paint brush!

Circles with black outline

My hand at trying to create a scene

My sunflower

When using a paintbrush with alcohol inks I like the way you have much more control as to where you can put the inks. I also really like the effect you get when you add more of the same colour ink on top of the already coloured area.

This was Great Fun! Give it a try.........................................................

Sunday, 1 July 2012

10 Minute Journal

Have just finished another page in my 10 Minute Journal. I really love doing this journal because everyday I just add to it and I only spend no more than 10 minutes on it. I write what I think at the time and it changes everyday It is fun and unstructured. On this page I decided to use a stencil of a scene and  I added  paint, pearl mists, other stencils, glossy accents, number stickers and pearl paints.

I like this stencil it makes a whole page and the butterflies are fun to work with.

Added More

The journal page I did was ok but it really needed something so I added a few words using scrabble tiles with a little green paint. I have to say it seemed to work.  I like it now.