Sunday, 30 December 2012

Chris Came Home

This Christmas my son who lives in Toronto came home with his girlfriend Umbreen. They arrived a week before Christmas so we had a great time driving around and showing Umbreen beautiful Newfoundland.

To get a real North Atlantic experience they decided to spend a night at The Beach House .
Here is what they saw out of their floor to ceiling windows

Outside on their balcony

A view to the right -Bell Island ferry terminal 

Bell Island

An Oil Rigg leaving Conception Bay

We also visited Signal Hill

As you can imagine it was very cold!

Every Year we have Indian food for our Christmas Dinner. We order from a local restaurant on Christmas Eve. This year they could not take our order so Chris with the assistance of the rest of us made Christmas Dinner and it was delicious!!!

Umbreen and Chris Chopping

Chris and Me After all the Chopping

Christmas Dinner

We spent the rest of Christmas relaxing and recovering from colds. They left on Dec. 27. I am missing them but we will be in Toronto in May for Chris's 30th Birthday!

How was your Christmas did everything go on as Schedule?

Take Care

Saturday, 29 December 2012

My Christmas Tree

If Our Tree Could Talk from Natalie's Blog. I thought I would show you my tree and all the ornaments that are important to me.

We now have an artificial tree. When Michelle passed away we changed our tradition of cutting down a tree and bought an artificial one. 

The angel is a little heavy so depending on the angle you look at the tree she is tipping. But I due like having an angel on the tree. It is Michelle looking down on us. 

The Ornaments I love the most are the ones the children made when they were young.

Cinnamon  Bell

Christmas Stocking made of felt

Small Wreath decorated
These ornaments give me so many great memories. I get "Oh Mom" when I put them on.

This picture was the last picture taken of the three of them at Sears.

Bay Socks knitted by my Sisters Mother-in Law

I have some fancy ornaments but theses few are the ones that talk to me.

Does your tree talk to you? Is there any special ornaments on your tree that are precious to you?

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Nathalei Kalbach Class

For the weekend of November 17 and 18 I went to Bizzy B's Stamp and Scrap in Toronto Ontario 

and did 3  classes with Nathalie Kalbach .................................. a wonderful creative Mixed Media Artist

The second class which was called Season Canvas and the only one I finished was very messy but fun and relaxing to do. 

Nathalie's Fall and Summer Canvas which we used for inspiration. 

Nathalie showing us how to get started with our canvas. Check out the eggs.

The Gals at the class were absolutely wonderful and very creative! Some of their canvases ........................................

I met another Great Vicki. She sat across from me during this class. She is holding her canvas. She is so talented.

This is the Winter Canvas Nathalie made.

This is my Canvas which I eventually called Winter!

Some Candid Pics:
Barb (Bizzy B owner) and Nathalie

Working on our canvases

A Group Picture

I would like to thank Barb and Tony of Bizzy B's Stamp and Scrap for giving me so many wonderful memories and being so kind to me. Tony thanks for lunch! 

Next time I am in Toronto I will make sure I am there to take another class at the Hive so I can spend time with all my new friends. You are all so good and kind.  Thanks for welcoming me with such generosity.

Nathalie what can I say .................................. you were so inspiring , informative and such a great person. I am so lucky to have met you!!!!

If any of you are able to go to a class at Bizzy B GO you will not regret it!

Take Care

Monday, 29 October 2012


So I have been working on a canvas since July and seem to be stuck on how to finish:-

I painted a 11 x14 inch canvas using Liquitex Basic Acrylic Paint 

I needed to add more dimension so I did the following :-

I still needed to add something more so I added 2 more Crafters Workshop Stencils and some Gel Medium:- 

The blue clouds were added first, then I covered the cloud shapes with Golden Glass Bead Gel Medium. I still didn't like it so I  then stenciled the green butterflies.

Still not liking the canvas so I added:-
A painted brown canvas tree which I had cut out a few years ago. I put the tree on the canvas using Golden Molding Paste tinted with green Golden heavy Body Acrylic Paint and Best Glue Ever. I do like the tree but still needs something more

So my dilemma is I want to do something with the branches. I was trying flowers but not sure of the colours and shape. This is frustrating for me because I usually do not have any trouble.

Does anybody have any suggestions. I really want to get this finished.

Take Care

Saturday, 27 October 2012

I am Back

I have been home a week and have been soooo busy catching up and recovering from a tense trip home.  Nearly got stuck in Washington.  I recommend never flying through Washington DC there were so many delays from bad weather (which if  in NL would have been just another day) to VIP priority and we nearly missed our connection.

The last days in Virginia Beach were not that exciting. On Wednesday night, Oct 17, we went to a Gala at  The Nauticus which is a naval museum in Norfolk. I like history but when I am hungry I find it hard to focus.

This is a food station 
As you walked around the museum you came upon different food and drink stations. Food was good and all drinks were free.

Gary posing by a interactive boat

Shark tank

a suspended old Volkswagen Beetle

Thursday was just walking the beach  

The Boardwalk

Surfer Dudes

 And being deafen by these Air force Planes. They were constantly flying over head and very loud!!!!

We left on Friday, Oct 19 at 5:30am. I don't think I will come back I like the warm weather but I am more of a city person and not really fond of sand. It is good place to relax but after 2 days I started to itch to do something more than shop or relax.

While I was away I got an order for 10 more Faux Leather  Journals for the Hunky Dory Folkart and Things and a friend has ordered 2.

Ready to get these faux leather journals done.

 I have also have a request to do a canvas of a cat from another friend. This is exciting for me and I am loving  this.

Hope you are all busy enjoying your journey in life.

Take Care

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Virginia Beach Day3

So I have caught up. Yeah!!!!!

Oct 16

Today was not very exciting day just went shopping at a strip mall called Hilltop Mall. They had a Michaels and I wanted to get  a few things so I could have some fun.

Outside looks similar but it is larger. I bought Stamps and a white pen.

I walked and walked and walked and on the way went to visit Target and Kmart but bought nothing at these stores.

Bought Gold Pen, USB and Duck Tape Sheets at a business supply store

 Early afternoon while our room was getting clean I went down to the bar and found a nice place to work 
A beautiful view out the window

 I took my new Koi Watercolour Paints and a gold Sharpie and made a picture.

Koi Watercolour Paints and Gold oil base Sharpie

I started with the thought of the aquarium I saw the day before

First I coloured page blue and let it completely dry

I then made a design using the yellow

I let the colours  dry after each new addition of paint.

Added pinks and purples.

continued to add more colour

Then finally added a title and some gold to which added a bit of umph!!  I also journaled in gold. 

I had a real fun day and it was a challenge trying to make a picture with only limited supplies considering i usually have so much on hand at home

Why not try and make something with just a few supplies ......................... anything.

Take Care