Sunday 19 August 2012

Great Book Finds

I am here enjoying my birthday reading three new books I found at Urchin Art Material and Papery. The are all on Acrylic painting.

The first one is called 'rethinking acrylic' by Patti Brady

This book explains in very comprehensive terms exactly what acrylic paints are and then goes into the different types of gels and mediums. Patti refers to Golden Products when she explains how each product can be used. Her explanations are concise and she also gives projects so you can use give the products a try.
 Love this book and will definitely use as a reference.
The cost of this book was $39.99


These books are more informative than the first books. They go more into the the meanings of all the different terminology used so you can choose the right acrylic paint for yourself. The different mediums or gels are also discussed in great detail. The books have similar names but they complement each other  and there really isn't any overlap.
When Rheni refers to a particular product it is Tri-Art (a Canadian Company) .
I read these books together and found a lot of interesting information about everything dealing with acrylic paints I also like the fact that Acrylic Inks were included.
There are some projects at the end of The New Acrylics.
I bought these books together and the cost was  with tax $56.65.
For the money they are definitely worth it especially if you are like me and like to know everything about a product you use so you can get all you can from it.

I am really enjoying these books and I know all three books will be used.

See you later I am off to my Birthday Supper "Chinese"
Have a Great Day!

Wednesday 15 August 2012

Another Face

I have been enjoying watching Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's Video All About Faces and this is my second attempt at making a face. This time I used watercolours.

enjoy the day with even with bad hair

Thursday 9 August 2012

Great Weather

We have been having a fantastic summer. Last year we had a lot of cool and rainy weather. So this year  I am enjoying all the good weather.  Yesterday it was really humid and hot so I went outdoors. Very breezy but cooler than inside.

Had a great time working on my projects. 

I finished another page in my Pan Pastel Art Journal

Used purple and pink Pan Pastels for the page. Then using a The Crafters Workshop Stencil Deco Doily I used a red Pan Pastel than slightly shifted the stencil and layered a black colour.

 Used another Crafters Workshop with Golden Heavy Gloss Gel mixed with Golden Heavy Body Acrylic PaintsC.P. Cadmium Red Light to get the hearts. Added a picture and the words Paris 2011. I used a white pen to add a little something. I kind of like it.

My next project was a Face. I just watched Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's Video All About Faces and she explains simply how to paint a face. So I tried it!

I put this project  on a canvas. For the background I used Pan Pastels and then used acrylic paints for the remainder of the face. Here I added pencil marks to show where the features are.

So here is the finished face not too bad. Eyes still need something the shoulders are not even but I am not doing any more to it. This is my first and  hoping to do more. As my son Chris said "Practice makes perfect"

Hope you enjoyed

Sunday 5 August 2012

Really I Have Been Busy

I got Pan Pastels about a month ago and did an online class by Nathalie Kalbach (Nathalie's Studio). I have been having a lot of fun experimenting with them.

Used two layers of Pan Pastels, masking liquid, and acrylic paint.

On this page I added  a layer of pan pastels which I blended then using a Julie Fei-FAn Balzer Crafters Workshop Stencil Peek-a-Boo added Golden Regular Gel Medium. I let it dry.

After the gel medium dried I then added a darker colours of  pan pastels over the medium and the first layer of pan pastels and blended.

 Where I put the gel medium the first colours of pastels show through. I like it.

On this page I blended two different colours of pan pastels then using another Julie Fei-Fan Balzer stencil called Wedding Ring and added Clear Tar Gel.

After the Clear Tar Gel dried I added a darker colour and gel resisted the dark colour similar to the regular gel medium. I like this also.

If you ever get a chance should give them a try they are fun.

You can purchase Pan Pastels at Urchin Art Materials and Papery which is located on Water Street, St. John's

Have Fun

Saturday 4 August 2012


They say that this year is a great summer for raspberries and I have to agree my few canes have sure been plentiful.

These are my raspberries bushes

A closeup of a cane

This is my 4th bowl I have picked in 5 days

So far I have eaten fresh raspberries every morning and made raspberry coulis. recipes Need more recipes!
Have a great day.

Friday 3 August 2012

Great Trip

My husband and I are just back from a trip to Rocky Harbour. This was an unplanned trip . We packed our bags me forgetting a jacket and Gary forget something important. When we got in the car Gary asked where shall we go and I really had no idea. So we decided on Gros Morne ...........Rocky Harbour. We drove across the island in 8.5 hours the only stops were, gas in Clarenville and  a snack in GrandFalls Windsor.

Dark line is our trip
Some pictures on the way to Rocky Harbour at the beginning of the Northern Penisula

Gros Morne Mountain

We had supper at this nice Cafe/Souvenir Shop called Treasure Box ate outside and this was the view.

The next day after having breakfast at the Treasure Box we decided to climb Gros Morne Mountain which we completed  after 9hours and 45 minutes.

 I found it very challenging to say the least mainly due to it being 26C with a very light breeze and I am sure it was at least 20C at the summit and still just a light breezes. I was sweating a lot and I was hot. Then I twisted my knee on the way down so every step I descended was painful but I DID IT with the encouragement of my husband. I AM PROUD that I CLIMBED GROS MORNE MOUNTAIN.

Took Some pictures on the way.

Here I am ready to go!

This is the start of the uphill climb............................

See the Circle this is where we climbed up the mountain ........................................................

First have to cross the bridge.

See those rocks I climbed over them.

I am getting there..................................

Very close to the summit. Having a little rest before the final push up.

WE MADE IT!!!!!!!!!

Above the clouds 806 meters

This is on the other side of Gros Morne if the fog was not there would be a river below.

A pond cross the valley on the way down.

For more information on Grose Morne look here