Friday, 30 March 2012

Ronald McDonald House Newfoundland Labrador Comfort Quilt Program

I am the coordinator for the Comfort Quilt Program.  Anyone interested in making a quilt or just wanting to participate some way in the program can contact me through my email in my profile or you can go to the Ronald McDonald House Newfoundland Labrador website to contact someone from there.

Monday, 26 March 2012


I am in Halifax for a few days and today I went shopping. Boy I got a lot of stuff I wanted to get!

They have a DeSerres here..... I love going to this store. At this store I was able to get some Liquitex Acrylic Ink, a Size #2 Koi Water Brush and some Dewert Inktense Pencils.
I then  found the Art Supply Store . There I was able to get size #6 and #8 Koi Water Brushes, Dewert Inktense Blocks and Prisimcolor Nupastel. Can not wait to use these products when I get home!  So excited just like a kid at Christmas!!!!
There are videos on using these products on You Tube  -  How to use Inktense Blocks is one.   Have a look........

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Clean Room

I have been busy over the last week with getting organized.

Finally got  my craft room ready to be used. Got rid of a lot of stuff and I feel liberated.

-My Craft Room Before Clean Up

-My Craft Room After Clean Up
-Clean Room From Another Angle
I even organized my clear stamps and my overflow punches into coloured trays and baskets and they fit perfectly on my shelf.

Now I can get back to finishing my tag book.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Sunday Class

On Sunday I went to another class at The Paperie given by Sara Case Strickland and as usual it was very informative. We did a lot of techniques with stars or hearts.......

These are Sara" Canvases

My stars didn't do as well as Sara's but they turned out ok. I do like them also I made one star different, do to a mistake, but in art there are no mistakes! I didn't make the canvas but plan to use it for something else.

Thanks Sara for a fun day:)

Friday, 9 March 2012

Thursday at The paperie

I am trying to go to The Paperie every Thursday. This was the second week I got there and again I got  a lot done......

I will show how I did these tags later. Only have 6 left to do for my Tag Book.

Glass Bead Tag # 3

This Tag ended up being a bit funky. I went crazy with the acrylic spray paint which I made myself (Liquitex Basic Acrylic Paint  with Water in an Inkssentials 2oz Misters)  and Glass Bead Gels.

I added the Glass Bead Gel  in just a fun way and got the following.

Added some blue Staedtler Watercolor Paint

Wiped some of the blue paint off and got the following.....

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Glass Bead Tag #2

Here is Tag #2 of the Glass Gel Beads
I used White size 16 Creative Tags ,Snowflake Stencil from The Crafter's Worksop and Staedtler Watercolor Paints

I used a palette knife to spread the Glass Bead Gel on the stencil. This is what I got when I removed the stencil.

I dried the tag with my Ranger's Craft Heating Tool and I the applied blue watercolour paint to the whole tag.

I then wiped off the excess paint from the tag and the Glass Bead Gel.

Perfect Pearl, Perfect Pearls Mist was sprayed over the whole tag

After it dried I got the following tag.

I also did the back of the tag using watercolour paint.

I really like the way this tag turned out.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Happy Birthday Michelle!!!

Michelle a week before she died

Happy Birthday too you!
Happy Birthday too you!
Happy Birthday my Darling Michelle
Happy Birthday too you!

It is Michelle's Birthday today and I always celebrate and remember the day she came into our families life. She would have been 26 years old.  She is always there for me and I still miss her. She gave me soooo  much and I believe I am the person I am today because of her. I never forget her and people who know me know I always talk about her. " If you do not talk about the people who have died then how are other people to know that they lived!" 
I love you and Happy Birthday Michelle. Have a Great Day!!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Glass Bead Gel Tag #1

I am doing 3 tags using Golden Glass Bead Gel  and size 16 white Creative Tags
Here is Tag #1 I mixed Golden Fluid Acrylics with the Bead Gel ......

The following are the supplies I used...

Glass Bead Gel, Adirondack Color Wash,Water Mist, Palette Knife,  a Stencil and of course a Tag

I coloured the tag using stream and lettuce Adirondack Color Wash and using the water mist to blend the colours.
It was fun
After the tag dried I mixed glass bead gel with the fluid acrylics and using my 6x6 Wood Grain Stencil from The Crafter's Worksop and a palette knife I added a design to the tag.
Notice the colour change in the design. The design on the right is dried and a slightly different colour to the newly added design on the left..... 

Another look at the difference in colour...

After all the glass bead gel dried I sprayed the tag with Goosebumps Spray.

And here is the Tag #1

I coloured the back of the tag with colour wash but not sure what else I am going to do. I well have to see when I make my book but here is the back......

Hopefully I will get one done each day and in two weeks I will start my Tag Book.

The Beginning of My Tag Book

I am starting to do my tag book. I will need 14 tags that are done on both sides. I plan to do a tag a day and I am not sure if I will do both sides at once.
I am going to do the tags using the same products I used on the tags I did at The Paperie
Here it goes......

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Fun at The Paperie

I can't believe it has been a week since I last blogged! I have been recovering from the flu and I finally got  the energy to do some work.
I have been wanting to use all the Golden Mediums I bought. So I decided to try these mediums on tags and today I did them. I have used the Fiber Paste and Molding Paste before on the canvases I have done but the other are for the first time. I went to the The Paperie and had a lot of fun trying my mediums.
This is what I used........

My Golden products
I used The Crafter's Workshop Stencils,which I forgot to put in picture, to use with the mediums.
I coloured the tags with Adirondack Color Wash and Perfect Pearl Mists.
The mediums I used are Fiber Paste, Clear  Tar Gel, Extra Heavy Gel Medium, Light Molding Paste, Coarse Pumice Gel, Glass Bead Gel and Gesso......

My stenciling
Tag #1
I mixed the Extra Heavy Gel with Ultramarine Blue Golden Heavy Acrylic Paint and used it with the Numerals Stencil and got the following tag.

Tag #2
I used Clear Tar Gel with the Numeral stencil

Tag #3
I used Coarse Pumice Gel with the Fish Scale Stencil

I used Glass Bead Gel with the Wood Grain Stencil (Picture does not show how really nice this is. It is my favourite)

Tag #5
I used Light Molding Paste with the The Fish Scale Stencil

Tag #6
I used Fiber Paste with the Fish Shell Stencil

Tag #7
I used Gesso (which I did not like the effect) with the Cherry Blossom Stencil

Doing these tags was fun and the effects were great. I can see how I would used them again and hope to do a Tag Album in the near future using these mediums.

If you can give them a try.