Thursday, 1 March 2012

Fun at The Paperie

I can't believe it has been a week since I last blogged! I have been recovering from the flu and I finally got  the energy to do some work.
I have been wanting to use all the Golden Mediums I bought. So I decided to try these mediums on tags and today I did them. I have used the Fiber Paste and Molding Paste before on the canvases I have done but the other are for the first time. I went to the The Paperie and had a lot of fun trying my mediums.
This is what I used........

My Golden products
I used The Crafter's Workshop Stencils,which I forgot to put in picture, to use with the mediums.
I coloured the tags with Adirondack Color Wash and Perfect Pearl Mists.
The mediums I used are Fiber Paste, Clear  Tar Gel, Extra Heavy Gel Medium, Light Molding Paste, Coarse Pumice Gel, Glass Bead Gel and Gesso......

My stenciling
Tag #1
I mixed the Extra Heavy Gel with Ultramarine Blue Golden Heavy Acrylic Paint and used it with the Numerals Stencil and got the following tag.

Tag #2
I used Clear Tar Gel with the Numeral stencil

Tag #3
I used Coarse Pumice Gel with the Fish Scale Stencil

I used Glass Bead Gel with the Wood Grain Stencil (Picture does not show how really nice this is. It is my favourite)

Tag #5
I used Light Molding Paste with the The Fish Scale Stencil

Tag #6
I used Fiber Paste with the Fish Shell Stencil

Tag #7
I used Gesso (which I did not like the effect) with the Cherry Blossom Stencil

Doing these tags was fun and the effects were great. I can see how I would used them again and hope to do a Tag Album in the near future using these mediums.

If you can give them a try.

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