Sunday, 4 March 2012

Glass Bead Gel Tag #1

I am doing 3 tags using Golden Glass Bead Gel  and size 16 white Creative Tags
Here is Tag #1 I mixed Golden Fluid Acrylics with the Bead Gel ......

The following are the supplies I used...

Glass Bead Gel, Adirondack Color Wash,Water Mist, Palette Knife,  a Stencil and of course a Tag

I coloured the tag using stream and lettuce Adirondack Color Wash and using the water mist to blend the colours.
It was fun
After the tag dried I mixed glass bead gel with the fluid acrylics and using my 6x6 Wood Grain Stencil from The Crafter's Worksop and a palette knife I added a design to the tag.
Notice the colour change in the design. The design on the right is dried and a slightly different colour to the newly added design on the left..... 

Another look at the difference in colour...

After all the glass bead gel dried I sprayed the tag with Goosebumps Spray.

And here is the Tag #1

I coloured the back of the tag with colour wash but not sure what else I am going to do. I well have to see when I make my book but here is the back......

Hopefully I will get one done each day and in two weeks I will start my Tag Book.

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