Monday, 5 March 2012

Happy Birthday Michelle!!!

Michelle a week before she died

Happy Birthday too you!
Happy Birthday too you!
Happy Birthday my Darling Michelle
Happy Birthday too you!

It is Michelle's Birthday today and I always celebrate and remember the day she came into our families life. She would have been 26 years old.  She is always there for me and I still miss her. She gave me soooo  much and I believe I am the person I am today because of her. I never forget her and people who know me know I always talk about her. " If you do not talk about the people who have died then how are other people to know that they lived!" 
I love you and Happy Birthday Michelle. Have a Great Day!!


  1. That's such a great picture of her Marg, and she looks so happy! Happy Birthday, Michelle!

    1. She was happy. This is one of my favourite pictures of her

  2. Nice post! I'll be thinking about Michelle today!