Thursday, 9 August 2012

Great Weather

We have been having a fantastic summer. Last year we had a lot of cool and rainy weather. So this year  I am enjoying all the good weather.  Yesterday it was really humid and hot so I went outdoors. Very breezy but cooler than inside.

Had a great time working on my projects. 

I finished another page in my Pan Pastel Art Journal

Used purple and pink Pan Pastels for the page. Then using a The Crafters Workshop Stencil Deco Doily I used a red Pan Pastel than slightly shifted the stencil and layered a black colour.

 Used another Crafters Workshop with Golden Heavy Gloss Gel mixed with Golden Heavy Body Acrylic PaintsC.P. Cadmium Red Light to get the hearts. Added a picture and the words Paris 2011. I used a white pen to add a little something. I kind of like it.

My next project was a Face. I just watched Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's Video All About Faces and she explains simply how to paint a face. So I tried it!

I put this project  on a canvas. For the background I used Pan Pastels and then used acrylic paints for the remainder of the face. Here I added pencil marks to show where the features are.

So here is the finished face not too bad. Eyes still need something the shoulders are not even but I am not doing any more to it. This is my first and  hoping to do more. As my son Chris said "Practice makes perfect"

Hope you enjoyed

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