Saturday, 27 October 2012

I am Back

I have been home a week and have been soooo busy catching up and recovering from a tense trip home.  Nearly got stuck in Washington.  I recommend never flying through Washington DC there were so many delays from bad weather (which if  in NL would have been just another day) to VIP priority and we nearly missed our connection.

The last days in Virginia Beach were not that exciting. On Wednesday night, Oct 17, we went to a Gala at  The Nauticus which is a naval museum in Norfolk. I like history but when I am hungry I find it hard to focus.

This is a food station 
As you walked around the museum you came upon different food and drink stations. Food was good and all drinks were free.

Gary posing by a interactive boat

Shark tank

a suspended old Volkswagen Beetle

Thursday was just walking the beach  

The Boardwalk

Surfer Dudes

 And being deafen by these Air force Planes. They were constantly flying over head and very loud!!!!

We left on Friday, Oct 19 at 5:30am. I don't think I will come back I like the warm weather but I am more of a city person and not really fond of sand. It is good place to relax but after 2 days I started to itch to do something more than shop or relax.

While I was away I got an order for 10 more Faux Leather  Journals for the Hunky Dory Folkart and Things and a friend has ordered 2.

Ready to get these faux leather journals done.

 I have also have a request to do a canvas of a cat from another friend. This is exciting for me and I am loving  this.

Hope you are all busy enjoying your journey in life.

Take Care

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