Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Virginia Beach Day 2

I am getting there almost caught up.


Gary and myself registered for the show, I get the benefits but do not attend. We then had to set up the booth and when we went to get the packages only one had arrived and that one had belonged to the Newfoundland Government and not PanGeo so rather than waiting around I went back to the hotel and went shopping.

Went to Lynnhaven Mall

As I walked through the door I saw this Carousel. 

After Shopping I stopped for some lunch at Johnny Rockets. It is design like a 50's soda shoppe and it plays music from the 50's.  Serves lots of burgers and shakes. 

this is the dining area

I was showed a booth...........menus and small jukebox 
Food was really good.

When I got back from shopping Gary was also back so we decided to go for a bike ride along the beach front

Bike for Two

Thank goodness Gary was there because this machine was hard to pedal and Gary steered which was also hard to do. We went from one end of the boardwalk to other. Paid for and hour lasted 45minutes. 

That evening we went to The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Center for an Icebreaker. It is very beautiful  place 

So the first animal was a Komodo Dragon

We continued on and came to a tunnel aquarium

Some of this coral was manmade bur not all I love the colours

The stingray were beautiful and graceful

Beautiful fish

I really enjoyed going to the Aquarium but cannot figure out why there was a Komodo Dragon there.

Take Care

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