Saturday, 13 October 2012

Last Morning in NYC

I was suppose to do this blog  yesterday but the hotel we were in did not have very good wifi so I am finishing as if it was yesterday

Right now I am in Toronto but had a great final few hours in the morning in NYC.

We went to Central Park and Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

Before I go any further I have to make a correction about the picture of the statue LOVE I put in my blog yesterday. We did see it on the way to the Apple Store but we detoured to 7th & 6th Avenue  and that is where we saw the Statue ......... on 6th Avenue.

Gary and I walked the short walk to Central Park from our hotel but we could only covered a very small part of the park considering the park is 6 miles long and we only had about 90 minutes.

This  picture is taken with buildings of Park Avenue in the background ..............

of Central Park

Gary and I walking around the pond .

As we walked around the pond we saw tunnel and this one is called an Inscope Arch.

We crossed over a vine  covered bridge and after we walked a short while we came to this Carousel 

This is the Carousel building

This is what it looked like inside. Love the horses and the music was really fun.

And of course there was Wildlife

Around 10:15 we decided to walk to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and got there just after it opened. We had a little over an hour to look so we did't really get to see all that much.

Went to the 2nd Floor Contemporary Gallery(1980-) and 3rd Floor Architecture and Design.

Here are a few pictures on Floor 2. the first picture shows how big the painting is and the second is a closeup.

I Love all the doodling

Loving the colours and design

There is so much texture in this.

 In Pictures 4 & 5 I just got the one photo due to the subject.

I like this for the symmetry which is in the picture but also in the background on which it was placed.

I like this because I just think it is funky!

 These pictures I took really do not do justice to the paintings you really need to see them live to truly appreciate them to their fullest.

 We went to floor 3 but I didn't take any pictures because you needed to read what went along to really understand  them.

If you ever go to NYC try and go to MoMA even for an hour it is really worth it.

I was sad to leave NYC it has so much to offer and I really like it there. I will definitely be going back!

Take Care

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