Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Virginia Beach Day3

So I have caught up. Yeah!!!!!

Oct 16

Today was not very exciting day just went shopping at a strip mall called Hilltop Mall. They had a Michaels and I wanted to get  a few things so I could have some fun.

Outside looks similar but it is larger. I bought Stamps and a white pen.

I walked and walked and walked and on the way went to visit Target and Kmart but bought nothing at these stores.

Bought Gold Pen, USB and Duck Tape Sheets at a business supply store

 Early afternoon while our room was getting clean I went down to the bar and found a nice place to work 
A beautiful view out the window

 I took my new Koi Watercolour Paints and a gold Sharpie and made a picture.

Koi Watercolour Paints and Gold oil base Sharpie

I started with the thought of the aquarium I saw the day before

First I coloured page blue and let it completely dry

I then made a design using the yellow

I let the colours  dry after each new addition of paint.

Added pinks and purples.

continued to add more colour

Then finally added a title and some gold to which added a bit of umph!!  I also journaled in gold. 

I had a real fun day and it was a challenge trying to make a picture with only limited supplies considering i usually have so much on hand at home

Why not try and make something with just a few supplies ......................... anything.

Take Care

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