Saturday, 29 December 2012

My Christmas Tree

If Our Tree Could Talk from Natalie's Blog. I thought I would show you my tree and all the ornaments that are important to me.

We now have an artificial tree. When Michelle passed away we changed our tradition of cutting down a tree and bought an artificial one. 

The angel is a little heavy so depending on the angle you look at the tree she is tipping. But I due like having an angel on the tree. It is Michelle looking down on us. 

The Ornaments I love the most are the ones the children made when they were young.

Cinnamon  Bell

Christmas Stocking made of felt

Small Wreath decorated
These ornaments give me so many great memories. I get "Oh Mom" when I put them on.

This picture was the last picture taken of the three of them at Sears.

Bay Socks knitted by my Sisters Mother-in Law

I have some fancy ornaments but theses few are the ones that talk to me.

Does your tree talk to you? Is there any special ornaments on your tree that are precious to you?

Merry Christmas!

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