Saturday, 28 April 2012

I am a Very Proud Mommy and so is Daddy!!!

I am so proud of my son Matthew he got his Iron Ring on Thursday April  19 and he got his final mark on Friday. He passed everything so His Proud Mom can now refer to him as a Computer Software Engineer!!!!!

Gary was able to attend the  Iron Ring ceremony and he was one of only a few parents who were allowed to attend (you have to be an Engineer). I was so happy for him to see his son get his ring this is a big deal for Engineers. 

Matthew was so excited about going but he was so sick in the morning.......had the stomach flu. He was determined to go to the ceremony and he did!  All his buddies went out drinking afterwards but one was enough for him.

Convocation  is on May 31th and I get to go!!!!!!

This is the famous Ring

A Proud Dad and an Excited Son
All my children are now independent I am now entering another phase of parenthood.

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