Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Nanny J

I have been so delinquent about blogging, not one blog in April. My excuse is thatI have been dealing with a death in the family and I have been sick.

It has been a difficult April!

Nanny J (unsure of date)

On April 1 my Mother-in-law Mrs. Joan (Dinn) Jamieson or as we all new her Nanny J passed away. She was 92 years young and she passed away at her home. Yes she was living alone! We had visited her the day before, Easter Sunday.  Gary's sister had brought her to church and we all had lunch. She really enjoyed having us all there.

Nanny J and I had become  close over the last 15 or so years. When Michelle was sick I think she realized that what religion you were did not matter (I was brought up United Church).

 I enjoyed visiting her every Sunday and she would talk about her life on Meresheen Island. This is something she started to do when Michelle became sick.

 Over the last few years she started to loose her sight and her hearing.  Arthritis started to cause her pain and she was having difficulty walking, which is something she loved to do. Even though she had her difficulties she would not leave her home and she really wanted to die there............................. she got her wish

My Sundays are not the same and I miss her. she was so looking forward to Matthew's wedding. She attended his engagement party in September.
Nanny J and Sharon (Gary's Sister) at Matt's Engagement Party

Michelle now has her Poppy Pitt, Uncle Doug and now her Nanny J. We love you and miss you Nanny J

Spend time with your family and show them your love. Time passes so fast.

Take Care

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