Monday, 6 February 2012

The Other Side Of Me

Beside my love of creating with paints, pattern papers, pastel, crayons, polymer clay and anything else I can find  I also love to quilt.
 I am the Quilt Coordinator for The Ronald MacDonald House Newfoundland Labrador.

Here is my latest quilt.....

Baby Appliqué Quilt

It is a baby quilt for a friend's daughter ..... She had a boy.

I have also made Memory quilts and in these I  used wire, polymer and anything else that would help me tell a story.

The first Memory quilt I made was in memory of my daughter Michelle and it now hangs in the Lobby of Paradise Elementary which is where all my children went. 

Michelle's Quilt

Michelle is the angel with pink hair. When she was sick she always coloured her and at one time she did colour it pink. The cats were hers and we got them when she first got sick, we still have them. All around the outside of the quilt I used polymer clay and a mould to make school buses, books, schoolhouses, chalkboard and apples. In the books I wrote the names of all the teachers she had at the school. On the chalkboard I wrote 'In memory of Michelle Dinn from The Dinn Family'. Michelle's school pictures were put in the stars. Her grade5 picture is not there because she hated it. Her name is made out of polymer clay. Since the quilt would be hanging in the school we got it framed.

I also made a quilt for a teacher I worked with at Holy Family School, another elementary school in Paradise, when she retired.
Carmel's Quilt

This quilt represents the last year we worked together. I did a lot of embroidery and appliquéing  on this quilt.

The largest hanging quilt I made was for the Library at Holy Family School, it is 60 inches by 60 inches.

Our Quilted Library

This quilt is based on the Dewey Decimal System. I made it so the children would be able to look at it and ask questions about the pictures.

I am now making 2 quilts for Ronald McDonald House Newfoundland Labrador.

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