Thursday, 9 February 2012

A Technique I Tried

I have been trying some techniques from Julie Fei Fan Balzer Technique-A- Palooza Class Here is one I really like is Elmer's Glue resist......

Elmer's Glue, Craft Tags and Watercolour Paints
Here is what you need Elmer's White GlueCraft Tags andWatercolour Paints. To do this technique you draw on the tag using the Elmer's Glue like a pen. When drawing with the glue keep the tip up of the paper and draw letting the glue flow.

This is what I drew. You need to let the glue dry completely. When it dries it the dries clear and you get something like this.....

You can just pick out the design I drew.

I coloured the tag with watercolour paints and let it dry. When the paint was dry I wiped over the glue design with a damp cloth and the result was this tag.

Give it a try! I enjoyed doing this technique and as you can see I tried it again. Wrote Snowy Day on a piece of cardstock than I painted it, stamped it with white Snowflakes, cut it out and distressed the edges. Hope to use it on a  layout or keep it until I find a use.

Have Fun!!

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  1. These look great Marg! Thanks for sharing, I'll have to try that out!