Sunday, 6 January 2013

Finishing 2 Projects

Tonight I was going to a friends house to do some Art Journalling but I was feeling sick so I stayed home. The cold I had over Christmas is still lingering. I know the Ladies are having a good time..................... wish I could be there!

Even though I was home I decided I could be just as  productive ( but without all the fun). My art room is in such a mess I couldn't find a spot on my desk to journal so I finished off my two of my  canvases that required just a bit of sewing.

This first canvas I finished I had  blogged about in October Canvas Trouble. I couldn't decide how to finish it.........................

This is what I had

It just wasn't looking right. I tried adding flowers...............took away from the background. A friend suggested fall leaves but they also didn't fit the I added a colourful bird 

and to me it added the last element to finish the canvas. I like it. The bird is the focal point but everything else blends well.

The second canvas I finished was a piece I did this summer. I liked the colours of the stenciled flowers and clouds. It was nice on its own and a lot of people said I should leave it but it was not satisfying to me 
So I added a flower house.

The stenciled flowers and clouds peep out from behind the house. 
For me the wacky flower house makes this canvas  complete.

Art is what you find appealing, it is your taste and no one can tell you what you like. I enjoy what I do and anyone who knows me will tell you I like to do my own thing!

Life is too short enjoy what you like to do and never be afraid to truly express yourself! 

Have fun making your own art.
Take Care

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