Saturday, 2 March 2013

Getting Ready For Quilting Class

Last month I started teaching a quilting class. The first class was at my house but do to insufficient space The Paperie has been very generous in letting me use their place. Hope to one day in near future have more space at my place (should after Matt gets married). The class will be once a month and it will be on the first Monday off the month.

Some off my friends have been wanting to learn to quilt so this is really for them. I am really excited about introducing one of my great passions to my friends. Hope they enjoy.

So for their first quilt we will be making a Strip Quilt. It is very simple and not a lot of alignment necessary so there will be less frustration. Here is a sneak peek.

They get to choose their own colours.

I am really looking forward to Monday. I have everything ready. Just need to buy some cake!

Is there something you are really passionate about  that you would like to share with your friends? Set up a date and enjoy sharing!

Take Care

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