Monday, 4 June 2012

What a Great Day

I have had a wonderful day!!! Starting with the great news that my friend's Son's baby boy was born! Yeah!!

I got a lot done and I feel so inspire. This is what I got done today...............

1. I mention in yesterdays blog I was going to do ICAD and I have started. The theme for this week is going to be "Home". So here is the card I did.

I had  a lot of fun doing this card. I used acrylic paint, gesso, a stamp, glass bead gel mixed with paint and  two coloured veneer houses. I stenciled the sun using a brass stencil.

2. Here is a peek at the canvas I am working on right now.

This is what I had done so far this morning and I wanted to put a sun in some place and the  more I looked at it the more I didn't like the clouds and there really wasn't a spot to put the sun so I did the following

I removed most of the clouds added the sun in the corner and added some different clouds. I think it turned out pretty good, I like that there is now movement in the clouds. I added more depth to where the sky and grass meet by adding some yellow. I believe this is the end of the painting part. Next comes the fabric. hope to have that done by Wednesday.

3. More Art Journaling done. I added some more to the page. so far I have done a little every day. I only spend about 10 mins doing and I am kind of liking what is happening.

Added more colour with gelatos  and used a stamp with acrylic pain instead of ink. I have a few more spots for my journal entry than I should be finished. Think I will start on the cover.  Right now the cover is only chipboard.

So I have a lot more to do on this journal  and I am going to try and paint some fabric to be used to make bags. I am always so ambitious but hopefully I will get a chance to get this all done in the next month. Take care all enjoy life!


  1. I love your first index card - the sun is fabulous! The canvas is beautiful, I loved the first pic but when I saw the second one I was in awe, definitely added that something special! I always love seeing your art journals, you're really doing an awesome job with it and all your mixed media "stuff!"

    1. Thanks Sara. I am having so much fun. The more I do the more I want to do!